Now is the time; Why you should stop and make a Will now

by Judica Swift on April 10, 2015 Comments Off on Now is the time; Why you should stop and make a Will now

Do you know what would happen if you passed away?

Do you know who would be tasked with the job of finalising all of your affairs?

Look after your kids? Organise your funeral? Pay your last bills? Do your last tax return? Clean out your house? Sell your stuff? Divide your stuff among your family? Who in your family gets your things? What about your late mum’s wedding ring that was meant to be passed to your kids?

The list of things to consider seems endless, but you have to start somewhere.

There’s a dangerous misconception in the public that things will just “happen” when you pass away and that’s not always correct.

When you don’t have a will, no one has the legal authority to finalise your affairs straight away.  Your next of kin might be the most appropriate person, but without the Court’s approval, they don’t have the legal standing to take care of even the little things. And what about if there’s a dispute between family members as to who should look after your affairs? What about if things need to be done immediately? Who does them?  And who’s going to be guardian to your children? The costs of sorting this all out after your gone can and usually does far outweigh the cost of doing a will now.

When you don’t have a will, the law sets out how your estate should be divided and it may not be what you want. How your estate is divided among family depends on what family you have; kids, partners; mum and dad.

Your family can be left with the overwhelming difficulty that is passing away without a will (otherwise known “intestate”).

Your will can always be updated and should be as your live evolves and changes with time.

Protect your family, protect your wishes.  Now is the time; make a Will today.

Talk to one of our Solicitors.  We can make it even easier by coming to you (at home or work) or even meeting via Skype or Live Meeting.

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Judica SwiftNow is the time; Why you should stop and make a Will now