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Happy Birthday, Swift Legal Solutions!

by Judica Swift on July 1, 2014 Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Swift Legal Solutions!


Today, Swift Legal Solutions Pty Ltd celebrates its first birthday!

Our wonderful Principal, Judica Swift, had a dream. With a passion for the elderly and an understanding of a great deficiency in the provision of quality legal services,  Judica uncovered that this deficiency was widespread and was being experienced by the people that need it the most; the elderly and the time poor.  With her passion, her dream and an innate understanding of this deficit, Judica put her thinking cap on and one year ago today, Swift Legal Solutions Pty Ltd was born.

Since opening its car doors, Swift Legal Solutions Pty Ltd has been able to assist people from all walks of life and people with all types of commitments that have restricted even everyday people from accessing legal advice when they need it most.

We are so proud to be able to offer our services in this way and being able to provide this invaluable service to our clients in their own home or favourite coffee shop at no additional cost to them.

We’re different because our community needs something different.

We are so thankful to all of our clients, friends, and family who have supported us in our first year.

We are excited by the brightness of our future and we hope you’ll continue to join us for the years to come.

Happy Birthday, Swift Legal Solutions! 

Judica SwiftHappy Birthday, Swift Legal Solutions!

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