Retirement & Elder Law

Elder Law is about protecting the elderly, whether this is you or someone you care about. It can help you plan for your retirement or assist you in planning for your loved ones who may no longer have capacity to do so. Elder law includes legal aspects of elderly life such as granny flats, retirement villages, assisted living arrangements and what happens if someone loses capacity. It also covers the unfortunate occurrences of elder abuse offering tools of protection and prevention.

Retirement Residences Long Term Leases

Retirement Villages and Aged Accommodation

Moving into a retirement village or an assisted living community can be a complex and overwhelming process and quite difficult to navigate. Getting advice on moving to a retirement village or aged care accommodation is essential to ensure you understand what living in these types of communities means for you.

Granny Flats

In today’s society, granny flats are becoming more and more common but lots of things need to be considered to make sure it’s the right move for you and your family. It may seem a good idea to build a granny flat on your son or daughter’s property however it is important that your rights are protected. There are many ways to reflect your family agreement to live together and ensure that your family relationship stays strong and harmonious.

Retirement Resident Licenses
Elder Abuse and Lost Capacity

Elder Abuse & Capacity

Unfortunately there comes a time when an elderly or disabled person may lose the capacity to look after themselves. What is even more unfortunate is that sometimes they can become a victim of abuse from those who are meant to care for them the most. Both of these difficult situations require careful advice about the action that can be taken to protect the elder or disabled.

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