Hi there, I’m Caroline Cavanagh Solicitor

Few things about me

What a great opportunity to come on board with Judica and the team here at Swift Legal (March 2018). I’m excited about opening our services up to the South Burnett community and being part of such an innovative practice and fantastic team. Having a little man under one almost on the move meant I needed flexible options to continue my practice this year and that is just what I have found with Swift Legal. I am also enjoying providing legal services to clients at the times and locations that really suit them.

My experiences

Estate planning [wills, testamentary trusts, enduring powers of attorney and discretionary trusts] deceased estates, probate, letters of administration, contested wills, further provision and superannuation claims, elder care and family law are the main areas I can assist with but drop a line even if you have a matter outside of those areas, one of our team may have expertise or we may be able to offer a referral. My legal background is a mix of government, NGO and private practice over the last thirteen years.

I also really enjoy getting in at a grass roots level and contributing to my local community wherever we land. My husband Shaun is a teacher and it was his work that brought us here from Ipswich but we’ve also done stints in far North Queensland, Brisbane and I’m originally from the Gold Coast.

Drop me a line if I can be of assistance, we are here to serve.

Want to speak with me?

You can email me directly at southburnett [at] swiftlegal.com.au

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